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Our Vision

The vision of Your Family’s Table, a 501 (c) (3), is to facilitate face-to-face conversations between parents, partners, children, and grandchildren by ensuring that all families have a place to gather in their home — around their family’s table — with the goal of fostering stable, sustainable, and supportive home environments for all those we serve.

Our Mission

Your Family's Table strives to stabilize and strengthen the family unit by providing a tangible, physical asset — a family dining table — at which parents, partners, children, and grandchildren can gather on a daily basis.  By providing each family we serve with a family dining table, we hope that they can more easily and more frequently communicate with one another and thereby more fully understand one another, creating a more stable, sustainable, and supportive home environment.  Our hope is that these families will use the lessons learned around their family dining table to grow and prosper both within their family unit and in society in general.


“Atlanta Habitat is humbled by the thoughtfulness of Tom Schulte and his organization, Your Family’s Table. Tom has volunteered at the Atlanta Habitat warehouse for nearly a decade, and now he extends his support to our families in such a deeply meaningful way. This gift of handmade dining tables will become a place for our first-time homebuyers to gather and connect as a family in their new homes. Many of our homeowners are often the first among generations in their families to own a house, and they proudly share dreams of someday having family dinners. We are thankful for this generous offering. It promises to make these dreams come true and so much more for our hardworking families.”  

Alan Ferguson, President/CEO of Atlanta Habitat for Humanity

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Our Thanks to Dunwoody United Methodist Church for their generous words about Your Family's Table

Video testimonial starts at the 14:40 mark.

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